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Working Hours
Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00 hours
The Consular Section is open to public: 9:00 - 13:00 hours


106, Vasilissis Sofias Ave.
11527 ATHENS

Phone: + 30210 / 777-43-44 Directions/Map
Phone: + 30210 / 777-43-55 Jurisdiction
Fax:     + 30210 / 779-64-36 Honorary Consulates
E-mail: beograd@hol.gr  
web: http://www.athens.mfa.gov.rs  
Consular Department 106, Vasilissis Sofias Ave., 11527 ATHENS, GREECE


Your financial contributions for our citizens affected by the terrible floods in Serbia can be deposited to the dedicated Greek account, with following payment instructions:

Recipient: Embassy of the Republic of Serbia
Bank: Alpha Bank AE Athens
Account Number: 112 00 2002 021470
IBAN: GR43 0140 1120 1120 0200 2021 470

The payment of humanitarian assistance, through the PayPal service, can be made on the address floodrelief.gov.rs

The Embassy most kindly invite you to send your contributions and support Serbia's efforts to reduce the consequences of the tragic floods and we are very appreciative to those who have already offered their help and expressed their solidarity with Serbian people.  

Visit of Minister A. Vulin to Greece

Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Mr. Aleksandar Vulin visited Greece in the period from 24 to 26 July 2014. During his visit to Athens, Mr. Vulin had a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Charalampos Athanassiou, when he informed about the interest of Serbian side to renew the negotiations on the Agreement of social insurance between the two countries, whose last round was held in December 2009. In Thessaloniki, Mr. Vulin talked with the Minister for Macedonia and Trace Mr. Giorgos Orfanos, when the two sides agreed to conclude the Agreement on the protection of military memorials, in the shortest possible period.  


If you want to help the victims of unprecedented floods in Serbia, you may do so by sending an SMS with the text SERBIA/ΣΕΡΒΙΑ to the number 54234. The money gathered this way will be transferred for the need of endangered by floods. You will be able to send as many messages as you like until 19th July, 23:59 cut-off time.


Για να υποστηρίξετε τους πληγέντες από τις καταστροφικές πλημμύρες της Σερβίας, στείλτε μήνυμα με τη λέξη "ΣΕΡΒΙA/ SERBIA" στο 54234 (χρέωση 1 ευρώ +ΦΠΑ). Όλα τα χρήματα που θα συγκεντρωθούν, θα διατεθούν για την ανακούφιση των πληγέντων. Μπορείτε να στείλετε όσα μηνύματα θέλετε (ισχύει μέχρι και την Πέμπτη 19 Ιουνίου 23:59).

Action of collecting humanitarian aid co-organized by the TV "SKAI" and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

In cooperation of the TV station "SKAI" and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, on Saturday 31 May 2014, in the period from 10,00 to 14,00 hrs, on the five locations in the city (Glyfada, Neo Psychiko, Maroussi, Peristeri and Agia Paraskevi) it was organized an action of collecting humanitarian aid for the people affected by the terrible floods that hit Serbia recently.

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